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“If Draper and Kramer’s plan for the new Lake Meadows development comes to fruition it will be a magnificent place to live.”

Gloria Sawyer, Chicago

Stretching from 31st to 35th Streets, between Lake Shore Drive and Martin Luther King Drive, the Lake Meadows Master Plan will rejuvenate the south lakefront; helping to bridge the gap between development in the South Loop, Bronzeville, Kenwood and Hyde Park.

The Vision

  • Provide a wide range of quality residential alternatives, including market rate, affordable, and senior housing options; rental and for-sale.
  • Enhance retail and dining alternatives for the community.
  • Provide employment opportunities for the community (Construction & Permanent).
  • Provide well-integrated open spaces and improved connectivity to the Lakefront parks.

Maintaining A Vibrant Community

  • Implement a well-designed, long-term plan (20+ years) that provides existing residents the opportunity to stay within the Lake Meadows community.
  • Add new residential options before any existing buildings are removed.
  • Remove existing buildings slowly, over many years, so residents are given plenty of time to choose an alternative residence.
  • Build a wide range of residential properties; providing options for residents of varying financial means, including market rate, affordable & senior housing.
  • Provide a priority for existing residents who choose to rent or purchase a new home within Lake Meadows.
  • Provide new retail and dining options early and enhance the Town Center over time, as the community grows.

Community Impact

  • New ‘Town Center’ will become a premier retail, dining and residential district.
  • Variety of housing options, including market and affordable, rental and for-sale and senior housing will accommodate a wide-range of resident needs.
  • Use of multiple architects will ensure diversity of architecture and improve aesthetic appeal.
  • Master Plan manages density and promotes vibrancy.
  • Master Plan will improve traffic flow by reconnecting the street grid to the broader community
  • Additional households will spur retail and restaurant growth.

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Parks & Amenities

  • The new Lake Meadows Master Plan includes a variety of parks, strategically placed within the community. There will be eight parks in total, including the new
    14-acre lakefront park.

Project Summary

  • Residential: 7,845 Units
    • Rental: +/- 2,000 units
    • Home Ownership: +/- 5,845 units (Single Family, Townhomes, Condominium)
  • Town Center Retail: +/- 500,000 SF
  • Parks
    • 8 Parks
    • 15 acres (on-site)
    • 14 acres (Burnham Park connection)
  • Job Creation
    • Construction +/- 9,200
    • Permanent (Retail) +/- 1,040

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